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Iron Man Galaxy S6: Top 10 Features We Want

Samsung has teased a special Iron Man edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge, but showed nothing more than a picture of the box on its Twitter feed. Here's what we think--or hope--the top 10 features will be in the Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge. Or we could always wait for the sequel.

1. A Vibranium Chassis

There'll be no Bendgate with this phone!

2. Tesseract CPU

Samsung's Octa-core Exynos processor can't hold a candle to this Infinity Stone.

3. Jarvis as a Personal Assistant

He puts Google Now and Siri to shame.

4. Arc Reactor Battery

Sure, the Lithium-Ion battery in the regular S6 Edge gets nearly 9 hours on a charge, but it'd be a lot more convenient if you never had to plug it in.

5. Galaga Comes Preinstalled

You should be able to play this game, even when you think others aren't looking.

6. Stan Lee Wallpaper

However, it will appear randomly and shout "Excelsior!"

7. Avengers on Speed Dial

For when you all want assemble for schwarma.

8. SHIELD Mobile Security

If someone tries to steal your phone, he'll be swarmed by agents in black suits and sunglasses.

9. Hulkbuster Case (optional)

You know, for extra durability and protection against enormous green rage monsters.

10. It Should Come in Gold

Really, could it be any other color?

  • redBom
    Arc Reactor Battery would be my number 1 feature for me ...
  • Nuckles_56
    I want the first 4 in my next phone