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Leaked Galaxy S10+ Render Confirms Every Rumor

We're less than three weeks from finding out what Samsung has in store for its Galaxy S10 lineup. But we may have already seen an official image of one of the new phones Samsung is set to release at its Feb. 20 event.

Credit: 91Mobiles

(Image credit: 91Mobiles)

The image comes courtesy of 91Mobiles, which says it's an official press render of the Galaxy S10+. The render comes from what 91Mobiles described as a "reliable source."

We've seen reported images of Samsung's upcoming phones before, of course, but those were usually CAD renders based on leaked specs or the occasional blurry shot of an S10 out in the wild. If 91Mobiles' source is correct, these are the actual images of the S10+. And it's a believable claim since they square with the reports we've already heard about Samsung's rumored 6.4-inch model.

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Start with the front of the phone. It features the Infinity O display with a punch-hole to house the front camera, which has been widely rumored for the S10 lineup. In this case, there are two holes accommodating a pair of selfie games. Again, that's consistent with rumors about Samsung's plans for the S10+.

The Infinity O display and its punch-holes allows Samsung to squeeze in even more screen real estate, without having to use a notch for the front lenses. Based on the render, the S10+ certainly will feature more slender bezels on top and bottom than last year's Galaxy S9+.

Flip the phone around, and you'll see three rear lenses, which fits in with the expectation that Samsung will adopt a triple-lens setup for this year's phones. The render is also notable for what's not there — a fingerprint reader. That's consistent with the expectation that Samsung will turn to an in-display sensor for the front of the phone on at least two of the S10 models.

The S10+ is just one of the Galaxy phones we're expecting to see at Samsung's big reveal event on Feb. 20. Samsung will reportedly offer a trio of S10 models, with the lower-spec 5.8-inch S10 Lite joining the 6.1-inch S10 and 6.4-inch S10+. Samsung could also come out with a range-topping 5G version of the S10, though that's expected to ship at a later time.

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