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The Cake Isn't a Lie for This Machine

If we learned anything from the hit videogame Portal, it's that you should never trust a machine. Even when it promises confectionery delights at the end of a gruelling death maze. When it comes to the the Autofrost, you need not worry: not only does it come through with the promise of cake; this twin-Arduino-controlled machine will even render the icing design of your choice.

Ok, so it won't win any design awards anytime soon. Tthen again, what do you expect, when its Python-based drawing interface is reminiscent of MS Paint? Still, the Autofrost earns an A for accuracy. That should make its creators at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering proud. After all, they've proven that cakes and robots are not necessarily mutually exclusive. A triumph indeed.

[source: FWO College via Wired and Popular Science]