The Cake Isn't a Lie for This Machine

If we learned anything from the hit videogame Portal, it's that you should never trust a machine. Even when it promises confectionery delights at the end of a gruelling death maze. When it comes to the the Autofrost, you need not worry: not only does it come through with the promise of cake; this twin-Arduino-controlled machine will even render the icing design of your choice.

AutoFrost Demo Video

Ok, so it won't win any design awards anytime soon. Tthen again, what do you expect, when its Python-based drawing interface is reminiscent of MS Paint? Still, the Autofrost earns an A for accuracy. That should make its creators at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering proud. After all, they've proven that cakes and robots are not necessarily mutually exclusive. A triumph indeed.

[source: FWO College via Wired and Popular Science]

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