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Fujifilm Drops New Mirrorless, Bridge & Rugged Cameras

Fujifilm left CES for the TVs and fitness bands, choosing to announce its new slate of cameras the week after the mega tech show. It's lineup of five cameras in three categories - mirrorless, bridge and rugged/waterproof - is targeted at mainstream buyers, rather than enthusiasts or pros.

The X-A2 mirrorless camera is Fujifilm's nod to the new selfie requirement. Equipped with a 16.3-megapixel APS-C (aka, DSLR-sized) sensor, the X-A2 also features a 3-inch LCD that tilts up 175 degrees to face the front of the camera. The X-A2 comes with a standard-issue 3X (24-76mm) f/3.5-5.6 lens that is optically stabilized to 3.5 stops (i.e. good for slow shutter speeds and/or and long-zoom shots). The X-A2 goes on sale in February for $550. 

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The XQ2, Fujifilm's bridge camera entry, packs a 12MP, 2/3-inch (i.e. not too small) sensor and a 4X (25-100mm equivalent) lens with a max aperture range starting at a big F1.8 on the wide end but closing down to F4.9 at telephoto. The XQ2 packs phase detection autofocus - very rare for a camera in this range, which Fujifilm claims allows it a blitz-fast 0.015-second shutter lag. It should be a nice change from the sluggish (in low light) AF of Fujifilm's recent Q30 bridge model. It also goes on sale in February for $400 - pretty good for a camera in this class, if it performs as well as Fujifilm promises. 

Fujifilm also dropped into the ultrazoom category with its 50X-zoom S9900W (packing Wi-Fi) and FinePix S9800 (without Wi-Fi). Other specs are the same, including a superlong 24-1200mm equivalent f/2.9-f/6.5 lens that in super macro mode can focus on subjects just 1cm away. The cameras are fast, too, shooting at up to 10fps, for 10 frames before slowing down. Both available in March, the S9900W will list for $350 and the S9800 for $330.

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Finally, there's the FinePix XP80 rugged, waterproof and action cam. It packs a 16.4MP CMOS sensor of the "1/2.3" (i.e. pretty small) size class and a 5X optical image-stabilized zoom lens. The XP80 meets IP68 durability standards, meaning it's dustproof, waterproof to 50 feet, shockproof to 5.8-foot drops, and freezeproof to 14 degrees F. The XP80 can shoot full HD 60fps movies and - very cool - has a 480fps mode for slow-mo playback. It will sell for $230 in March.

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