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Front Defense is a Bunker-Busting VR Blast

I've got a Tommy gun in my left hand, a grenade in my right and I'm about to pull out the pin with my teeth as a company of Axis soldiers run toward my bunker. Screw Call of Duty, forget Battlefield, the VR experience in Front Defense is the closest you're going to get to WWII without time traveling back to 1939.

In a short demo using HTC's Vive VR headset at Computex 2016 debut, Front Defense had me hooked right away. From the start, I was surrounded by an arsenal of weapons, each begging me to bend down and pick them up so they could be used to repel enemy soldiers and tanks.  

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Shooting felt pretty accurate, and I got a kick out of loading a bazooka with both hands, but the best part was the physicality of picking up a virtual grenade and then watching it fly toward the enemy with what felt like a very real throwing motion.

While seeing damage numbers pop up over enemies heads took a little something away from the immersion, but at the end of the short demo, I was still clamoring for more. And that might be front defense's biggest problem.

Because while its shooting gallery setup was a blast for a few minutes, the game is going to need more depth to keep people going for another hour or two. And since I only had a few short minutes with Front Defense, it's difficult to say how much ammo it's got left in its magazine.