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You Can Now Get Spotify Premium Free with New York Times

If you've been wary of paying $9.99 a month for Spotify Premium's ad-free experience but don't feel as reluctant about coughing up cash for journalism, we've got a deal for you. A new partnership between the New York Times and the music streaming service means that subscribers to newspaper can get Spotify Premium for free.

Image: Denys Prykhodov / Shutterstock

Image: Denys Prykhodov / Shutterstock

There are some caveats, of course. As detailed in the announcement, the deal is only available for new members (i.e. I can't sign up as I'm currently a subscriber), as it's meant to increase the Times' readership. Secondly, you only get the deal if you agree to a 1-year commitment to the $5-per-week New York Times All Access Subscription.

So while you may be spending $240 for a year of the New York Times, you're saving $120 a year on Spotify.

The All Access subscription is essentially what Spotify is for music: an all-you-can-read digital buffet of news, removing the limits of the Times' paywall. This offer also Times Insider Access, which provides a behind-the-scenes look at some of the paper's bigger stories.

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If $20 per month for the Times is too much, you might want to think about Spotify Premium on its own. The $9.99 monthly service means zero ads, offline listening and higher quality audio.

Or maybe you're OK with not paying for either, and saving your money for a new Bluetooth speaker or pair of headphones. You're not alone, as Spotify's got 100 million total active users, with only 40 million of them paying for Premium. If you're looking for a premium music streaming service that also includes tons of other perks, you can always check out YouTube Red.

  • velocityg4
    If only they weren't so biased. This might be a good deal. Now if they did it for $8 or $9 a month. I might go for it. Just so I could save $1 to $2 a month on my Spotify subscription and just never use the NYTimes account.

    Before everyone jumps on this. I think Fox News is just as biased. I don't look at them either.