5 Free Online Photo Editing Tools



This online photo editing service is geared more for those who prefer a non-threatening, easy-to-use interface. As an HTML-based service, there aren’t many bells and whistles included with the Phixr service compared to other Flash-based photo editing tools, but that may appeal to those that like less “noise” while they work.

Keep in mind though that you do get advertising in your face during your stay at Phixr. But hey, it’s free.

You must state that you’ve read the general terms and conditions even before the main page launches, but there do not seem to be any age restrictions on using the photo editing service. However, if you’re in the corporate world, you are not permitted to use the service unless you have written permission: “Professional or corporate or commercial uses of the Site are prohibited, whereas commercial use includes all activities targeted at revenue. Commercial use of the Site requires a written express permission.” So if you want to use Phixr for “personal non-commercial use,” have at it.

Phixr lets you grab, edit, upload, and share your photos with up to 18 online sources including Facebook, Photbucket, and Webshots. If you’re wary of messing up your own photos, Phixr lets you work on sample photos to become a seasoned pro before you turn your favorite photo into something you’ll regret! There is also an option to email your photos through Phixr to your email contacts (but you have to configure this under Settings when you sign up).

Phixr also works in conjunction with Zazzle (www.zazzle.com), an online custom-made product store that lets you personalize your favorite products with your photos.

After you click the product you want your photo imprinted on, you are directed to the Zazzle website to compete your transaction (not a free service). You can choose between t-shirtsbusiness cardsinvitations, and other products.

You can do anything a basic photo editor can do, like flip your picture, add a frame, or round your corners, and you can also add color effects and text to your picture. There is also an option to select different camera and lens effects, and you can decorate your pictures with objects, borders, or overlays. Not every basic photo editing software includes a tool to remove red-eye, but Phixr includes one for those times when you were too close to the camera. You can also create an image from scratch if you’re bored or otherwise very talented.

  • Thanks for the list. Much appreciated.

    With the pending demise of Picnik I was wondering what I was going to do in those instance where I need something but have no access to my own laptop or desktop and only need something quick and easy to use.

    Generally I use GIMP but naturally this is not 'online' :)