5 Free Online Photo Editing Tools



FotoFlexer’s advanced image settings arecomparable to Adobe PhotoShop or CorelDraw. The site will appeal to photo enthusiasts that like to make quick, easy, and fun changes to their pictures.  First off, the Interface is very user friendly – even 13 year olds can use it, which is the age you must be to use FotoFlexer. The website includes an “easy start” section where you can practice your editing techniques before you upload and edit your own photos. This is good for people that have never used an online photo editor. You can also grab a photo from the Web by entering the photo’s URL, or upload a picture from your computer.

While the main interface loads a little slowly at first, the results are worth the wait. FotoFlexer includes all the basic effects like crop, resize, rotate, etc.  You can also decorate your photos with items like stickers, glitter text, or regular text. If you’ve ever wanted to stick someone else’s face on your own, FotoFlexer provides this capability as well. Go crazy and place your face on a kitten or body-builder.

If you have a picture that looks like it needs a touch up and you’re in a rush, try FotoFlexer’s Autofix feature, which automatically adjusts your photo for saturation, brightness, sharpness, etc.

For those of you that enjoy the more advanced side of image editing, FotoFlexer has a section called “geek” that lets you morph or curve photos, and lets you apply “smart color” and “smart cutout” changes as well. When you’ve done a great job on a photo, FotoFlexer offers a bragging wall, of sorts, by including an online sharing feature that lets other people view selected images in your account.

FotoFlexer also lets you grab and edit photos from 8 online sources including Facebook, MySpace, and Picasa. It is interesting to note that my Flash plug-in crashed in the middle of a photo editing session. This would not be a big deal had I saved my photo as I went along, but I did not and I lost all my changes, so be sure to save changes to your photo as you go.  

Sure, you’re subjected to advertising banners throughout your entire editing experience, but it beats paying full pop for software that does the same things, only with FotoFlexer, you get to do them fast, fantastically, and free!

FotoFlexer should work in IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, as long as you have Flash Player installed.  As for specific versions, it should work with any version that has come out since 2008.

  • Thanks for the list. Much appreciated.

    With the pending demise of Picnik I was wondering what I was going to do in those instance where I need something but have no access to my own laptop or desktop and only need something quick and easy to use.

    Generally I use GIMP but naturally this is not 'online' :)