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Forkless Bicycles Lacks a Gadget or Two

The Forkless Bicycle by Norwegian designer Olli Erkkila looks like an accident waiting to happen. Without any direct supporting structure between the handlebars and the wheel, future riders who lean forward may find themselves faceplanting if the rear bar breaks.

But modern materials do make short work of this kind of structural stress, Erkilla did strengthen the seat with an additional strut at the back, and the rider's weight is almost entirely on the rear wheel. So the forkless bike is a blank slate of sorts, ready for customization. The question is, what kind of gadgets or tech would make the forkless bike the perfect geek ride?

Remember, you've got lots of space to work with. Without that front strut, you're imagination's only limited by the provision of pedal clearance and legroom. Would you cram a lightweight boom box in there, or a high-torque electric engine? Let us know through the comments below.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, a non load-bearing rod snakes down the frame, connecting the handlebar and front wheel to allow steering the old-school way. As a participant in the Seoul Cycle Dseign Competition 2010, it's still unclear if Erkkila's creation will ever hit the market—and at what price.

Olli Erkkila: Forkless Bicycle