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FlyRad: the One Wheeled Motorized Wonder

The FlyRad is a motorized unicycle that, at first glance, looks like a Jackass moment waiting to happen. However, it isn't designed to wheelie you into certain death. Instead, it's meant to be used with another pair of accident-prone X-Games gear: inline skates.

The FlyRad's seat is angled in a way that lets you ride it like a regular bike, with your skates serving as the front wheels. If you're the more adventurous type, you can stand up and use a more traditional skating stance. Better yet, have it tow you around like you're water skiing, except without all that nice, soft water to break your fall.

This crazy invention by German inventor Thomas Rank comes with a 500W electric motor that gives you a maximum speed of 25mph. The 36v battery gives you an effective range of 31 miles an a single charge. If you're a fan of child endangerment, there are also variants for kids and teens.

[source: FlyRad via Gizmag]