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This Levitating Cloud Speaker Brings the Boom

Given Apple's rejection of the traditional headphone jack, the interest in Bluetooth devices is on the upswing. And if a new cloud speaker comes to market, there will be even more floating around people's homes, quite literally.

Credit: Crealev

(Image credit: Crealev)

The speaker is the result of the ongoing Making Weather collaboration between New Zealand's Richard Clarkson Studio and the designers and engineers at Crealev, a company based in the Netherlands.

It looks awfully like a giant head of cauliflower that flashes sound-reactive lights like lightning as it plays music via Bluetooth from a paired device.

Repelling magnets within the solid cumulus cloud itself and a mirrored base allow the cloud to float an inch or two into the air, and rotate and bob gently while floating. The Crealev repelling magnet system, which can make objects up to 22 pounds appear weightless, has been used by the likes of Nike, which leveraged Crealev's technology to help market its shoes in 2012.

The speaker isn't yet widely available, according to Crealev, as it's just in its first prototype phase. But it's definitely among the most unique gadgets we've seen all year.