Fitbit Surge Smartwatch on the Way (Report)

Senior Writer

Fitbit has been busy. Last week, photos and information  leaked about the company's supposedly upcoming fitness trackers, the Charge and Charge HR. Now, yet another Fitbit tracker looks ready to launch, and this time it looks like a smartwatch. Marketing materials leaked to The Verge show the Fitbit Surge "fitness superwatch" as a device that appears slightly larger than the original Fit Force, with a larger, digital watchface.

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With the tagline "Train smarter. Go farther," the Surge looks like it could have a few crucial features for serious athletes, runners in particular. The Surge will apparently have GPS tracking capabilities, which would allow runners to map their routes and track distance more easily, and PurePulse continuous heart-rating monitoring to gather real-time data during an entire workout.

Since Fitbit is banking on users wearing this device throughout the day, it will feature the company's 24/7 data monitoring capabilities, including calories burned, steps taken, floors climbed, and total active time. The smartwatch will also have Fitbit's sleep monitoring functionality as well, which tracks sleep quality and has a vibrating alarm to wake you up in the morning.

What makes the Surge a smartwatch of sorts is its call and text notification capabilities, as well as its music control feature. You'll be able to sync the Surge to your smartphone and receive notifications when you get calls and text messages on your wrist, and you'll be able to control music playback from the smartwatch.

All of these features have the Fitbit Surge straddling the line between fitness band and smartwatch. If the leaked materials are accurate, the Surge would be a highly functional fitness band that's borderline niche-oriented (think the TomTom Runner Cardio), and a fairly basic smartwatch considering it's not powered by a wearable operating system such as Android Wear OS.

According to the reports, the Fitbit Surge will be priced around $249 and come in black, slate, and tangerine color options. Fitbit will supposedly announce the Surge and its two other trackers, the Charge and Charge HR, in the coming weeks.
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