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Mozilla Says HTML5 is the Future

Adobe may be somewhat surprised about the negative tone, especially since the company has made substantial progress in addressing complaints about Flash hogging the CPU and draining the battery of mobile devices.

The recently released Flash 10.2 introduced stage acceleration that can make Flash content much more efficient and Flash 10.3, just released as beta is taking a step toward innovating again.

However, Adobe may have lost the battle already. Sullivan ridiculed the idea to force developers to embed an instance for Flash player and force users to install a plug-in just to watch a 30-second video. He also noted that Flash is responsible for more crashes on Firefox than any other plug-in. However, he has already made up his mind: "HTML5 is the longer-term answer," Sullivan says. "We're on that path now."

Of course, HTML5 isn't an answer for everything just yet - and we know that the final spec will not be finalized until 2014. So there should be enough opportunity for Adobe either pitch or transition to HTML5.