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Mozilla Wlready Working on Firefox 4.0.1 Update

Of course, it has almost become a tradition at Mozilla that a quick fix will follow shortly after the introduction of a major release. Version 4.0.1 (and 5.0) are already in the works.

According to a developer post, Firefox RC1 is now officially Firefox 4 final. A Java bug that was initially listed as a blocking bug was removed from eth blocker list and will now be fixed with Firefox 4.0.1. there is even some talk about Firefox 5, which is targeted for a late Q2 release: Mozilla's Jeff Walden said that Mozilla un-reserved some JavaScript keywords for Firefox 5 and ECMAScript 5, which should give programmers more application flexibility. Developers can test the change in the latest nightly build for Firefox 4 b13-pre.   

Firefox is about 5 - 6 months behind schedule and Mozilla will have to battle IE9 and Chrome 10 for market share. Over the past months, Chrome has been consistently gaining ground, while Mozilla clearly suffered because of the delay of Firefox 4.