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Final Fantasy, Splinter Cell Xbox 360 Bundles $399

Don't have an Xbox 360 yet but you're frothing at the mouth over the impending release of Final Fantasy XIII and/or Splinter Cell Conviction? Then there could be a special bundle coming your way.

Ars Technica has it on good authority that Microsoft is whipping up two special bundles that'll pack some added value to gamers wanting to pick up a game system along with one of the new blockbuster titles.

The Final Fantasy XIII package isn't a big surprise, considering that both Japan and Europe already have announced bundles, but the rumor now is that there will be a Splinter Cell Conviction version for those who are more sneaky and less role player.

The Final Fantasy XIII package is supposed to come with a white console, while the Splinter Cell Conviction bundle will pack a black console. Both will come with two matching wireless controllers, a single wired headset, 250GB HDD, and standard definition cables. The price is expected to be $399.

Final Fantasy XIII is due March 9 and Splinter Cell Conviction is planned for April 13, so expect those bundles out in time with those dates.