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Get In Sync with File Syncing Software

BeInSync Software Review


BeInSync is a very different type of solution compared to the left/right sync scenario of the syncing solutions we’ve looked at thus far. BeInSync is a powerful tool for computer-to-computer synchronization as well as for remote file sharing (and to a lesser extent backup).

As such, the BeInSync install is more obtrusive that the other solutions, essentially acting as a server on your local PC. Installation also requires a machine reboot.

BeInSync isn’t about syncing with a local storage drive or even a USB thumb drive. With BeInSync, installing on one PC alone really isn’t enough, unless all you want to use the solution for is to do remote access.

beinsync software

The way BeInSync works is you download and install the local client on your local machine and on the target machine that you wish to sync against. Both PCs then are viewable as being “online” when they connect with BeInSync and you can see what’s online through the BeInSync secure online portal.

Setting up the actual syncing pair for the folders that you want to synchronize is a simple point-and-click affair. It’s not quite as basic as the left/right approach but still it’s easily done.

Synchronization options are reasonably powerful, allowing users to synchronize file changes as they happen. No need to wait for task scheduler to run a sync job with this solution. There is also an interesting set of notification options to let you know when a file has in fact been synced.

beinsync software

Since the synchronization is going over a network connection, there are also options for handling upload/download speeds as well as CPU performance. It really is a well thought out approach for remote PC-to-PC synchronization.

To make it even easier, folders that are synced (and those that are shared as well) are easily identifiable on the user’s desktop itself, so there is no guesswork about what is and isn’t a sync folder.

beinsync software

Going beyond just syncing, the sharing feature of BeInSync opens up the user’s folders to remote sharing for authorized users. Those authorized users will need to register for BeInSync in order to access your remote shares.

BeInSync is a powerful tool for PC-to-PC synchronization that is relatively easy to setup and use. There is a 14-day trial available for the Pro version, while a one-year subscription costs $59.95.