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Allway Sync Software Review

Allway Sync


Allway Sync is very similar to GoodSync in its arrow approach with a left and a right side to synchronize. It adds a little more complexity and depth at the top of the scrollable screen, showing different views including: new files, changed files, unchanged files and all files. The basic arrow indicators also provide a clear visual representation of what needs to go which way to sync.

allway sync software

Synchronization scheduling for Allway Sync is also very powerful with options for syncing periodically (much like GoodSync provides).

allway sync software

Allway Sync goes beyond what GoodSync (and others) do by dealing with file versioning. Instead of simply having an option to propagate deletions or not, Allway Sync gives you choices for what to do with those older files. Hey, you never know when you may need an older version and the ability to have granular control over those older versions may be a really key feature in certain situations.

allway sync software

Allway Sync also allows users to perform multi-way synchronizations with more than one target. So you could synchronize data within a PC, a local storage drive and a USB thumb drive at the same time.

allway sync software

Allway Sync has a free version that is limited to synchronize no more than 20,000 files in a 30-day period. A Pro version of Allway Sync with no limitations is available for $19.95.