Winners of the Tom's Guide Father's Day Contest

Last month we announced our Father's Day Gift Guide, and we're sure that some of you must have found some great ideas for a gift for your old man in Tom's Guide's feature.

This month we're proud to announce the winners of the contest that we ran in conjunction with Father's Day. They are:

  • Mark Schindler
  • Robert Fedosh
  • Frank Phillips
  • Anthony Jones
  • Matthew Trebor
  • Mark Mayo
  • Eustaquio Santiago
  • Tyler Mowreader

Congratulations to all, and stay tuned for more contests!

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  • vabeachboy0
  • jonpaul37
    Grats Winners! i am guessing none of you are from Rhode Island!
  • eklipz330
    u guys forgot to put my name =[