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Fast and Easy Laptop Diagnostics

All You Get With The P.H.D. MiniPCI Diagnostic System, Continued

A parallel-port adapter and 25-pin serial adapter, shown disassembled here, are included.

We're puzzled as to what purpose a 25-pin serial loopback adapter could possibly serve in a laptop. As far as we're aware, no laptop currently on the market features a 25-pin serial port. The two nine-pin adapters make much more sense.

Also included are two nine-pin serial loop adapters.

There's also a loop cable for the audio test.

All you need to do to run the audio test is to use the supplied cable to connect the audio output with the microphone or line-in input. According to the vendor, the laptop to be tested requires only an AC'97-compatible sound chip. However, in our test the audio-loop check did not work with several notebooks, such as the Gigabyte N203 and Thinkpad A 30p, even though they had AC'97-compatible sound chips). According to statements from the vendor, an update for the card is scheduled to be released sometime in the next few weeks that will address this and other problems.