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LED Lights Can Fake Daylight For Indoor-Junkies

Anyone enjoying the benefits of LED lighting can tell you they're bright. Just how bright? As Daniel Rybakken has shown, apparently bright enough to pass off as the sun. The designer is currently experimenting with an array of over 3,000 LED lights, arranged into a series of several parallelogram-shaped panels. The panels help create the illusion of sunlight streaming through windows at odd angles.

LED lights are best suited for this purpose because they don't generate as much heat and consume less power than traditional lighting. In other words, faking sunlight with LEDs won't tax any air-conditioning equipment in the area, and won't run up the electric bill.

Rybakken is currently experimenting on how to create pretty convincing faux sunlight in interior spaces well-removed from its natural counterpart. The results could prove real useful for those forced to live in bunkers—or avid gamers and office workers who stay glued to the computer all day.

The potential applications are endless. We may find ourselves stuck underground while waiting for the fallout of World War III to dissipate, or in a soulless office space doing overtime. Rybakken's panel could provide a visual cue of the nature we so desperately lack nowadays.

Designer Creates Fake Daylighting With LED Lights