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You Can Now Blame Your Weight Problems on Facebook

According to research coming out of Columbia University, the use of a social network can have a temporary positive effect on your self-esteem, but is likely to result in a lack of self-control after browsing such a network.

"Specifically, consumers focused on close friends are more likely to choose an unhealthy snack after browsing Facebook due to enhanced self-esteem," the press release promoting the release of the study in June 2013 issue of the Journal of Consumer Research reads. "Greater Facebook use was associated with a higher body-mass index, increased binge eating, a lower credit score, and higher levels of credit card debt for consumers with many close friends in their social network."

No need to consult Weight Watchers or Suze Orman anymore. Just lay off Facebook for a while to get your body weight back on track and your bank account into a less depressing state.

"These results are concerning given the increased time people spend using social networks, as well as the worldwide proliferation of access to social networks anywhere anytime via smartphones and other gadgets," the authors of the study wrote. "Given that self-control is important for maintaining social order and personal well-being, this subtle effect could have widespread impact. This is particularly true for adolescents and young adults who are the heaviest users of social networks and have grown up using social networks as a normal part of their daily lives."


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