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Lose Your Facebook Page, Sue For $500,000

But how much would it take until you would sue Facebook over it? Would you ask for damages? Mustafa Fetja was upset enough to poke Facebook, sue and ask for $500,000 to compensate him for his page that connected him with about 340 friends.

Fetja is ticked because his page disappeared for no apparent reason, which lead him to believe that Facebook must have had discriminatory motives: Fetja is Muslim. Fetja also noted that "Facebook is like a communist country" that does not grants its people basic rights. Apparently, Facebook simply ignored his requests and stated that he violated Facebook's terms of service -- which Fetja denies.

It appears that this case may be heading to court as I don't believe that Facebook would even be remotely motivated to settle such a silly claim out of court. However, if Fetja has his way, then we finally know the monetary value of a friend: About $1500.