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How to Escape Facebook's New All-Seeing Search Engine

Facebook today (Oct. 22) rolled out a new version of its search engine — dubbed Search FYI — that examines every public post on the social network. The search engine looks unchanged, and Facebook hasn't notified users about the update, but it may drastically change how the social network is used.

For example, Search FYI, like Google, gives you suggestions related to your query. This can show you how a search term is being used. Typing in "Putin" currently gives you suggestions that include "bashar assad vladimir putin," which is trending, according to Facebook.

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The new search function will be problematic to those Facebook users who make all their posts public. Searching Facebook for the word Drunk reveals that some users may not be realize, or care, what their settings are.

If you're worried about whether or not a post was public, just look for the globe icon appears next to the timestamp below your name. You can click on that icon to change the privacy setting to make it visible only to your friends.

Visit the Privacy Settings page if you want to make your future posts public or private. Tap on "Who can see your future posts?" and click on the privacy settings field to adjust it.