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Facebook to Show Friends You're Safe During Disasters

Facebook is one of many ways to keep in touch with loved ones during national emergencies, and the social network wants to make achieving that peace of mind even easier. The company is rolling out a new Safety Check feature, which allows you to let friends and family know that you're safe during disasters with a single tap.

Set to launch for Android, iOS, feature phones and on the web, Safety Check is triggered whenever there's a natural disaster in your area. You'll receive a notification asking if you're safe, and if you select "yes," your status will appear on friends' news feeds. You'll also receive notifications when friends mark themselves as safe, and can mark friends as safe if you know they're out of danger.

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Facebook will provide a Safety Check landing page, which will list the safety status of all of your friends in a central hub.

This isn't Facebook's first push towards keeping people in touch during times of crisis; the company launched its Disaster Message Board following Japan's 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The company notes on its blog that it has noticed relief organizations and first responders using Facebook during emergencies, and has since been using the Disaster Message Board as a foundation to build Safety Check. 

Between Facebook's recently reported healthcare initiative and Safety Check, the social media giant seems to be putting a big focus on the well being of its users. There's no word on Safety Check's official release date, but you can expect to get a nudge from the website should your area suffer a major disaster.

Source: Facebook