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Half of Americans Predict That Facebook is Just a Fad

According to a poll conducted by the Associated Press and CNBC, half of all young Americans think that Facebook is a fad, a craze, and could soon turn into what we could describe as Fadebook.

The survey came as part of the hype that is surrounding the company's IPO, which now seems to be valuing the social network potentially at more than $100 billion. It would be common sense to expect older people to question the long-term value of Facebook, but it is somewhat surprising that younger Americans doubt Facebook's business stability. 51 percent said that they expect Facebook to fade and only 44 percent stated that they think Facebook will remain.

58 percent of those surveyed and those who are likely to invest in stocks felt that Facebook's IPO price is too high and 40 percent believe that Facebook is not a good investment. That number, however, appears to strongly depend on demographics as 59 percent of adults under 35 consider Facebook a good bet, while only 39 percent of those over 65 agree.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg may have been chastised for his casual wardrobe choice when pitching the IPO to Wall Street Investors earlier this month, but there is no doubt that he delivers the exposure to keep the visibility of his company at a high level. 80 percent of Americans have heard about him and only 14 percent of that number don't like him. 96 percent of those under 35 know about the 28-year old billioniare.