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Facebook at Work Invades the Office

Stalking your cute coworker is about to get a lot easier. Facebook today released its Facebook at Work app, and is working with select partner companies to offer an office-centric social network.

Facebook at Work is only available to those that have an account via their employers, meaning your company will have to come to some kind of agreement with the social network. You'll be able to log into both your work and personal accounts from the website, but still be able to keep your personal and professional profiles separate.

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As you are setting up your work account, your profile will already be filled in with information provided by your company. These details include your name, job title and work contact info. You'll have to talk to your human resources department to change these. The Facebook at Work for Desktop page also says you can personalize your work profile by adding a picture, cover photo and editing details in your About section. This data can only be seen by people in your work network.

You can use Facebook at Work to plan events and invite people from your company, create and join groups for collaboration and chat with individual or groups of coworkers. Services like Yammer and Namely provide similar features for workplaces, but Facebook for Work has the benefit of Facebook's familiar, widely used interface.

According to TechCrunch, you'll use two separate apps on your phone — a regular one for your personal Facebook, and the Work one for your professional activity. When we checked this afternoon, the app wasn't available in the Google Play store, but we expect it will be ready for Android owners soon.

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  • A_Goat
    Lol who would use this?
  • reactive
    Agreed - what sort of dumb company would ever give all their employees' details to Facebook? It's already stupid enough putting any genuine personal information about yourself on Facebook, but having your work life also invaded is a double no.
  • CherlynnLow
    Apparently the information your company supplies will be owned by your company... Facebook supposedly doesn't have access to it