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Portable Gadget Copies Flash Media Onto DVDs


Taipei (Taiwan) - You never know what you’ll find at the Computex tradeshow in Taipei and we spied a portable flash media copier for both cops and wannabe James Bond agents alike. EZPNP’s EZDigiMagic looks like a portable CD or DVD player, but it actually takes all types of flash cards from SD to Compact Flash and copies the contents to CDs or DVDs. It can even copy USB flash sticks and hard drives. No computer is needed and you can even pop in four AA batteries and make the unit completely portable.

The company rep told me he sells the gadget to police departments all over Asia and we have no reason to doubt him given the simplicity of the device. You just pop in an empty DVD/CD, insert a flash card and you’re off and running. Some models of the DigiMagic have a color LCD screen for instant previews of the copied pictures. You can also view the pictures on a television through the TV-Out port.

Unfortunately this gadget probably won’t be used for any serious investigations in the United States any time soon. The rep wasn’t too sure if the device actually locked the card into an unwritable state before doing the copy - this means any competent attorney will have a field day banning evidence gathered by this device. However, I can see these being sold in spy shops where the average citizen just wants something easy to copy their partner’s pictures from the mobile phone or digital camera card.

portable flash media copier