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Goodbye Sony VAIO T, Hello VAIO TX Part 1

Sony Vaio TX-Series Is Extremely Light, Chic, And Blessed With Extensive Power Saving Features

Who wouldn't be happy to own a model from Sony's new TX series?

Sony's earlier model VGN-T350P was such a stunning lightweight laptop computer that it received MobilityGuru's Editors Choice Award. For more on this see our August review of the Sony VGN-T350P.

The new TX models improve on the T models such as the T350P in several ways. The most impressive new features are a lighter weight carbon fiber/composite case and battery saving technologies including replacement of the T's traditional fluorescent backlighting with LED-based backlighting.

For TX models in the USA Sony uses a naming convention that begins with TX and ends with P, for example TX670P. This is the model we refer you to through TG Stores. The TX model we evaluate here uses a European naming convention and is called the TX1XP. You will find all of the features of the TX1XP and wireless WAN capability in the TX670P.

The debut of the TX series, in a snazzy, multi-media sound and picture show at the BMW pavilion in Munich let the world know that a new phenomenon was being introduced. In a slick presentation delivered by two very attractive young ladies - whose own sleek good looks complemented those of Sony's new business laptops very nicely - these small, light and attractive new laptops swept down the runway at the Munich Auto Show.

After a few moments of bedazzlement, attendees quickly focused in on the important stuff - namely, the laptops themselves - and were pleased with what they saw and heard. The high points went something like this: Including the battery, Sony's new, ultraportable models weigh a scant 2.75 lbs (1.26 kg). This is about 5.3 oz (150 g) lighter than their predecessors in the T series. Thanks to LED backlighting, these units deliver the visual goods from an extremely thin and power efficient 11.1" widescreen TFT display. Local Sony representatives also claimed average battery lifetimes of between 6 and 7 hours. The name of the series sums up its capabilities and design goals: The eXtreme.

Sony not only presented two new business laptop product families with its TX- and BX-series - the latter is a family of Pentium-M based desktop replacement products - it was also introducing the Vaio Professional trade name as its official entry into the business segment of the European laptop marketplace. For this story, however, we keep our focus on the TX-series.