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New Everest Benchmark Covers AMD Phenom Tri-Core And Intel Six-Core

We received word from our old Hungarian friend Tamas Miklos, CTO of Lavalys, that there is a new edition of Everest system overview, a benchmark and monitoring utility. Version 4.50 hits several major milestones for this compact application.

Most importantly, the software introduces support for processors with an off number of cores, such as AMD’s Tri-Core, as well as CPUs with more than four cores, such as Intel’s Six-core Dunnington Xeon chip. And, of course, Everest not only detects these CPUs, it also can benchmark them. CPU and FPU benchmarks will properly detect and execute on all available cores/threads, we are told.

Owners of Intel Skulltrail platform get support for regular and advanced features targeted at the i5400 chipset as well as the latest graphics cards (including ones that are yet to launch). Additional features include modular SPD options on DDR3 modules, such as Intel’s Extreme Memory Profile or the original Nvidia EPP 2.0.