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Amazon Rival Teaches You How to Use Gadgets After You Buy

Amazon is a land of amazing things for sale, but there's something that could make it better: a free personal expert service to help set up all the tech you buy. A new online store, Enjoy Technology, launches today (May 6) in San Francisco and a week later in New York and will offer just that.

Touted as a new way to "buy and enjoy technology," the new site offers products ranging from smartphones, tablets, laptops and speakers to drones and electric skateboards. The items for sale are selected by the company's group of Enjoy Experts, for the same price found at other places, meaning you're not paying a premium for the extra service.

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After your purchase, you can pick any time of day for an Enjoy Expert to hand-deliver your product and spend an hour training you on how to get the most out of your new toy.

Although Enjoy Technology is a startup with formidable rivals like Amazon and eBay, it does have some serious backing. Founder Ron Johnson was formerly the head of Apple retail, was once the CEO of JC Penney and brings with him a wealth of retail experience. He also told the Wall Street Journal that he believes the promise of free in-home installation will draw people to Enjoy.

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    That the Apple Watch is a largely pointless device for Apple fans to show-off with, whilst boosting apple profits, is all you really need to know.