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Koreans Create English-Teaching Robot

South Korea’s plan for world domination, unlike Japan’s, doesn’t involve giant mecha or cartoon porn. Instead, Korea just wants to use their technical know-how to improve their English-speaking skills, preferrably without dealing with those devious foreigners. The culmination of all this is the EngKey, a robot designed to teach young Koreans the intricacies of the English language.

To be honest, it’s nowhere near ready to replace human tutors. The Korean government’s willing to spend millions on the project, though, so at least they’re confident of EngKey’s capabilities. Either that, or Koreans would rather trust robots than gigantic white people. If reports are to be believed, even as South Korean culture enjoys healthy exports through ambassadors such as Rain, a vocal minority within the country are notorious for their xenophobia.

[source: Plastic Pals]