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Emma Watson Nude Scam Spreads Malware

If you want to look at leaked videos of Emma Watson au naturel, there are at least two reasons why you shouldn't. First, pawing through people's private media is ethically on par with peeping through their windows. Second, the videos don't actually exist, and the links will instead lead you to malware. A new Facebook scam promises nude recordings of the young actress, but delivers only harmful Trojans.

Romanian security firm Bitdefender's HotforSecurity blog first drew attention to the issue. Facebook scams are a dime a dozen, and most savvy Internet users know better than to click on them, but something about illicit photos seems to bypass the common-sense circuit.

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As Facebook scams go, this one is bog-standard. An infected user's account automatically posts comments with a picture of a smiling Watson promising a leaked nude video if you follow the link. The link brings users to a webpage that looks an awful lot like YouTube, and teases that the risqué video is just a "Video Player Upgrade" away.

This is nonsense, of course. The site isn't YouTube, YouTube doesn't use software called "Video Player" and the link leads to a nasty bit of malware known as Trojan.Agent.BFQZ. Even as Trojans go, this one is especially harmful, as it can send data from your browser back to a command server, post in your name on Facebook and even subscribe you to expensive pay-to-play text message scams.

Avoiding the scam is easy. All you need to do is either pretend that you respect other people's privacy, or realize that someone posting a leaked nude video on an unrelated Facebook post is probably not the most reputable place to find saucy content.

If your curiosity got the better of you, no need to worry: Agent.BFQZ is an unpleasant bit of software, but not a particularly sophisticated one. A standard malware sweep will get rid of it. Then all you have to do is apologize to your friends for spamming their walls with automated nonsense. Emma Watson will be glad you did.

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