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The Rolling Recharge Trailer for your Road Trip

Electric cars are infamous for their range. True, most daily commutes won't take more than 40 miles. However, we'd still like to be able to go on cross-country road trips without having to stop every hundred miles to plug in the damn car. EMAV, a Warakusa, IN company dedicated to electric cars, have designed a perfect solution: a mini-trailer that doubles as a mobile recharging platform.

The Pru is not so much a trailer as it is a hybrid charging convoy hitched to your car. Its wheels are powered by a 240v internal motor that matches its speed with your car's. While you're driving, the 750-cc diesel generator and lithium ion batteries keep your EV fully charged; you'll get up to 700 miles on 6 gallons of gas.

EMAV founder Will Cashen hopes to release the Pru on first quarter of 2011, at a street price of $15,000. Let's wait for him to get it out of the concept phase first.

[source: Wired]