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The Washing Machine You Carry Around

The Dismount Washer system looks like a good idea. For those times when you're out and spill something on your shirt, just take this out and go!

The setup allows washers to bring their own washing containers, and hook them up to a communal wall mount. The public fixture provides steam for washing action, allowing full user control and feedback through the LED touch screen on its center. Once the washing's done, the user can just pull the container off and carry his newly-washed clothes home.

Public hygiene wasn't the only consideration driving Guo's design. Washing machines are pretty big. When they're not in use, they take up a lot of space. The Dismount's washing container—for portability's sake—is quite small though. This may limit the amount of clothing that be cleaned in one go.

As a concept, it's not clear if Guo will bring the design to the market any time soon. It's a finalist at the Electrolux Design Lab Competition however, so stay tuned for updates.

There's no mention of a portable dryer.