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EVER Charges Moving EV Cars Wirelessly Through Street Surface

Researchers at the Toyohashi University of Technology showed that the street surface can be used for charging the battery in a car. In a demonstration at the Wireless Technology Park 2012 conference in Yokohama, they displayed a system that transfers electricity through four inches of concrete to a moving car's tires. Called EVER (Electric Vehicle on Electrified Roadway) the project uses metal plates below the concrete surface to wirelessly transmit electricity.

At this time, the technology is only good for about 50 to 60 watts of power, which is, of course, not enough to fuel a passenger vehicle. The researchers estimate that the technology has to become at least 100 times more powerful to be considered as a charging solution for cars. Even then, the cost involved in implementing EVER may be too prohibitive to make it into the real world.

However, considering a technology that would automatically power and charge your car as soon as it is on the move, similar to an electric train, is rather enticing.