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Work From Home: 20 Tech Tips

Get out of the house: Join a coworking space.

Even with various productivity tools and programs, sometimes all the telecommuter needs is a little change of scenery. Plenty of coworking spaces are popping up around the country, and some specifically cater to people in technological industries.

Mission Fifty, a coworking space that recently opened in Hoboken, New Jersey, is looking for tech start-ups and creative workers to join its space. Working around like-minded techies, the company claims, encourages creativity and productivity.


Members of the pariSoma Innovation Loft in San Francisco include app developers, web coders, and software developers. The coworking space even hosts tech-related events for its members and the surrounding community to attend.

Is there a coworking space near you? Check this directory to find out.

  • killerclick
    Nice... but too bad I'll soon have a Skyrim icon on my desktop. I don't suppose there's a program to block that?
  • I was just surfing for a To Do List App yesterday. Good timing! Thank you.
  • tomate2
    Some people may not even made a jump from Hotmail... Windows Live also have a calendar for those who use Hotmail... Don't use it very much, but I think its a pretty capable online calendar as well...
  • Really interesting article. Timers and self-restraint applications may be entering into my everyday quite soon.
  • archange
    So, were there 20 or 21 tips? :)
  • andywork78
    Evernote is great tool for followup.
    I use this tool for long time.
    Evernote for just take note down?
    You fail~ lol