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Six Pencils, Four Rubber Bands, One Tablet Stand

Last Wednesday Julian Horsey of Geeky Gadgets adapted his pencil iPhone stand design to accommodate the larger size of the iPad. To make a tablet PC stand out of six pencils and four rubber bands, you'll need to create a join them together to create a three-sided pyramid.

The trick is to make sure the apex is an eraser, to keep your gadget in place and not scratch its behind. You also need to make sure two out of three legs are also erasers, to keep the whole stand from sliding across your desktop.

Of course, it's not a leap to simply cut of the pointy ends or cover them—or to use the setup for other light tablet PCs like the upcoming Asus Eee Pad. Julian also recommends applying tape over the erasers' metal bases to minimize scratching further. 

The Pencil iPad Stand