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This New Robot Vacuum Uses AI to Avoid Your Socks

LAS VEGAS—Before you use most robot vacuums, you have to go around your house picking up socks, shoes, pet toys, and any other things lying around; otherwise, it could get stuck trying to suck them up. The Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 960 looks to eliminate this pain point using artificial intelligence to identify and avoid those objects as it makes its rounds.

Similar to some of its other models, the Ozmo 960 can both vacuum and mop, and has a camera on top to help navigate the rooms of your house. What's new is a camera mounted in the nose of the vacuum, which identifies objects in front. Drawing from a database stored on the vacuum, the Ozmo 960's AI can identify the object, and steer around it if it poses a potential challenge. 

Ecovacs has yet to set a price for the Ozmo 960, but a representative said that it would cost less than $1,000, and would ship in late summer. Depending on how well it actually cleans up debris on the floor—we didn't have a chance to see it in action here at CES 2019—the Ozmo 960 could represent a big step forward for robot vacuums.