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Eco Power Strip Provides Standalone Electricity

You know the drill: you're playing with your fancy smartphone at the park, flinging wingless cartoon birds with glee at glass houses, when all of a sudden you're notified that only 5% battery power is left. And knowing your luck, you're probably far far away from the nearest wall outlet, or nearby establishments frown on mooching of their electrical main. How will you charge? Well, this concept might just be the solution.

It's called the Eco Power Strip, and it's best described as a portable outlet. Instead of hooking you up to the local power grid, it generates its own electricity through the reaction of oxygen and bio-ethanol. The best part is, the only waste product is water, which gets collected in a reservoir. The concept's designer wasn't clear on where the fuel would be purchased, nor how affordable it would be. But portable, renewable and apparently clean energy? Sign us up.

[source: Yanko Design]