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Great Deal: New Echo Dot Just $24 for Black Friday

The 2018 Echo Dot is still pretty new, but it's already on sale at a huge discount. Amazon just chopped $25 off the price for savings of 50 percent, making this a great way to add Alexa to any room.

That's right, Amazon's new sale pricing has reduced the cost of its new, improved Echo Dot to only $24.00. And with this new model, the Echo Dot doesn't look as cheap as it costs, with a new cloth-covered design and softer, rounded edges. This is the first sale for this Echo Dot outside of the $2 deal that came and went in 24 hours.

We also loved the new Echo Dot's improved audio quality, which allow it to be a better speaker for hearing fuller drums and other instruments. The Dot's also got better sound than the Google Home Mini in most regards, with stronger bass and greater volume.

The 2017 Echo Dot may be available for $5 less, but it's definitely worth it to spend that extra $5 to get the improved sound quality and more elegant design.