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eBay's 'My Gadgets' Helps Users Sell Their Electronics

With the rate smartphone and tablet companies are refreshing their product lines, keeping up with the latest trends is an expensive habit. If you're hell bent on always having the latest and greatest gadgets, your best bet is to keep your devices in top notch condition and let go of the notion that you might some day open your very own electronics museum. The market for second hand electronics is huge and selling your gently used devices is the best way to recoup some of the costs you sink into your expensive hobby.

eBay this week made it even easier to sell your gadgets online with the release of a new service called 'My Gadgets.' My Gadgets allows you to build an online inventory of your electronics and helps you figure out the best time to sell specific items. The service will calculate the current value of your items based on eBay's own sales data trends and average selling price information from recent sales. Of course, eBay hasn't forgotten about its bread and butter, and so My Gadgets also has a 'Sell It with Ease' tool that creates an eBay listing from within your My Gadget collection using pre-populated product information and current sales trends to determine a fair price.

eBay says that its users sell a cell phone every 4 seconds, a pair of headphones every 9 seconds and an iPad every minute. No doubt those numbers will increase as users latch on to this new service. My Gadget is accessible via

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