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EA's 'Project $10' to Squeeze Used Game Buyers

Along with piracy, another huge concern of game publishers these days is that they are missing out on the profits to be had from that sale of used games. While shifting more content to straight digital download sales is one option, EA devised a plan called "Project Ten Dollar" that hopes to squeeze 10 bucks from a gamer picking up an EA title second-hand.

The concept was the result of a brain storming session held by EA CEO John Riccitiello where he gathered in New York 160 of his workers to come up with ways to ensure the game company's future success.

One such approved concept was "Project Ten Dollar," which aims to cash in on the estimated $2 billion annually spent on used games. In fact, estimates now are that used games account for a third of all games sold in the U.S., according to BusinessWeek.

EA's "Project Ten Dollar" first appeared in last year's Dragon Age and, more recently, in Mass Effect 2. While gamers buying those games used will still have a good experience, they'll have to fork over ten dollars to get access to all the same things that the original owners had.