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Dyson Expands Blade-Less Air Multiplier Fan Line

Looks like Dyson has established a large enough market for blade-less fans—enough that they're coming out with at least two new additions to the Air Multiplier line. Aside from the "classic" 10 and 12-inch models designed for desktop use, buyers can now opt for a 40-inch tall Tower fan, and a 46-inchPedestal fan that can slide up to 55 inches.

The Tower fan (aka the AM02) features an oval frame that can suck in up to 33 liters worth of air, using its proprietary technology to "multiply" the air flow up to 16 times. The AM03 Pedestal fan catches the same amount of air, but has a max multiplication factor of 18. Colors options for the AM02 are iron, blue and silver, or just plain ol' plain silver.

The catch? Dyson's cooling solutions aren't meant for the average joe. With a price tag of $450, the AM02 and AM03 will only appeal to people with cash to burn—or those obsessed with minimalism. Even the original desktop model, with its starting price of around $300, will definitely dent most budgets.

Yet if you want to own a piece of technology directly derived from hand driers (Dyson's Airblade hand dryer line), you now have at least three form factors to choose from.

Dyson's blade-less fans see growth spurt