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The Alarm Clock That Does All the Thinking

Pretty Cool: a bunch of students from Northeastern University have come up with a versatile alarm clock that syncs with Google Calendar over Wi-Fi, automatically creating alarms for your appointments. The Dynamically Programmable Alarm Clock also checks local traffic conditions and determines how long your morning routine takes, adjusting alarm times to compensate.

DPAC's creators designed the alarm clock to control other parts of the home, setting the stage for the newly awakened user. Examples include slowly ramping up lighting to signify the new day, pulling back the blinds to let the light in, and even automatically starting the coffee machine. DPAC also supports iPods, allowing playback and volume control through the clock's four-button non-touch-screen interface.

It's clear that the DPAC is definitely more than a simple alarm clock. In any case, the development team has some way to go. The bulky prototype is clearly designed for showing off the process, sacrificing aesthetics and a practical component layout. Let's hope the Northeastern University team find investors to turn their creation into a consumer-friendly package.

The Dynamically Programmable Alarm Clock