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Concept EV Looks Like Refugee from Tron

Most EV concepts, despite their relatively high-tech innards, tend to go for the Citroen subcompact look. Not Duncan Campbell's baby. It looks just as home in the LA Auto Show as it is in a Tron sequel.

This concept electric has an independent motor for each wheel, which seems to be the standard operating procedure for concept EV's these days. The design, though, is anything but ordinary. It features a clear bubble cockpit design, which gives passengers a better view of the environment. It also has some light piping around the outer edges of the almond-shaped pod, to let passers-by know that you're not driving a run-of-the-mill Prius.

Aside from these lovely pictures, we have no further information, not on specs or if an automobile manufacturer actually picked up on these designs. We really hope someone does, because the future does seem brighter with Tron-styled cars.

[source: Tuvie]