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Motorola Hints to New Threat at Verizon

Thursday during the Credit Suisse 2010 Technology Conference, Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha delivered a keynote speech that seemingly detailed the company's roadmap for 2011. Out of the topics ranging from tablets to top-tier smartphones to4G smartphones, one particular nugget stood out that may perk up the ears of loyal Apple consumers nationwide: Verizon Wireless.

Without actually uttering the words "Apple" or "iPhone," Jha alluded to a Q1 Verizon Wireless iPhone launch. At first he explained that the first quarter of the year is always tough—business usually picks back up during Q2. However 2011 will be no exception, as there will potentially be a new "competitive dynamic" taking place over at The Big Red in the first quarter. He noted that this new competition could have a significant negative impact on the company's first quarter results.

Of course, the new competitive dynamic could be Windows Phone 7.

Also during the keynote speech, Jha confirmed that Motorola Mobility--which will separate from Motorola Solutions with $3.5 billion in the bank and no debt-- will release both 7-inch and 10-inch tablets in the near future. These will target the enterprise, international and retail sectors and likely come in various flavors of operating systems. However the company's main focus will be on top-tier and mid-tier smartphones. 4G smartphones are also slated to go retail in early 2011.

For those interested in hearing the entire keynote speech, head here.