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Hell Yes: Doom Co-Creator Is Making a New Doom Mod

Doom is celebrating 25 years since its launch. Since then, the video game has been one of the most important and critical launches in video game history. And now, one of its co-creators is doing something to remember it.

Credit: John Romero

(Image credit: John Romero)

John Romero, who co-created the game with John Carmack in 1993, has been working to build a new level pack for the wildly popular Doom franchise. Dubbed Sigil, the level pack takes place after Doom's fourth episode ended, according to The Verge, which earlier reported on the game. It'll feature nine single-player levels and nine multiplayer levels. It'll be available as a free download in February.

Doom is widely viewed as one of the most important launches in video game history. The franchise ushered in a new era of first-person shooters and is the spiritual predecessor to most of the games we enjoy today.

Given its popularity, it's perhaps no surprise Doom lives on 25 years later. The game's ROM has been shared online, you can easily access it on the console or PC of your choice, and people are still making tweaks to it so many years later. Id Software, the game's developer, created a new Doom game in 2016 and is working on a follow-up to that title, called Doom Eternal.

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According to the report, Romero created the new Sigil mod over a period of two years. He used a fan-created modding tool called Doom Builder 2 to create the game experience.

Putting the events of his mod after the fourth episode means Sigil will take place after the original Doom game but before the events of Doom II. So, if you're an old-time gamer who still remembers the stories — or if you go back and check them out — you'll get a sense of where it kicks off.

In addition to launching the mod as a free download, Romero is also selling physical copies of the game. One will live on a USB drive and comes with a CD with a new original song about the Doom franchise by guitarist Buckethead. If you opt for the Beast Box version, you'll get the USB drive, the CD, and a variety of other products, including a statue and t-shirt.

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