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Combi Monitor Literally Prints your Screen

Back in the text-based era of DOS, hitting Print Screen literally printed out your screen's output to your printer port, giving you a handy hard copy on demand. However, as computers OSes evolved to graphical user interfaces, the Print Screen key became relegated to a digital-picture-grabber.

Well this concept tries to return the Print Screen key back to its humble beginnings. Called the Document Extractor Combination Monitor, it's a all in one printer, scanner and LCD display. Paper loads in the back, and with a simple keystroke, you can print either the entire screen, or even just a selected area. The printout ejects from the bottom bezel, turning your monitor into a high-tech polaroid.

Designer Byeong Min Choe claims that the monitor can help save on work time, desktop real-estate and natural resources. We understand the first two, but the latter? Unless this baby uses some sort of eco-friendly ink cartridges, it'd be doing the same thing.

[source: Yanko Design]