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Dock Lighting Powered By Waves

Irish designer Shane Molloy has designed an innovative lighting concept for docks and bridges that harnesses tidal power for sustainable lighting and energy. Called the Flowlight, Molloy's concept features a carbon fiber design coupled with specially designed water turbine blades that are mounted into the water. 

The turbine blades are designed to function both clockwise and counterclockwise depending on the flow of the river or body of water. This allows the Flowlight to operate during both high tide as well as low tide. In addition, the blades are attached to a Tidal Drop Extension Arm that constantly extends or contracts depending on the level of water to ensure that the blades are at an ideal depth below the water.

As the turbines generate mechanical energy, the Flowlight converts that energy into electrical power that is stored in its battery and used for LED lighting that turns on automatically as the sun fades away. Molloy's concept is just the beginning of many that begin to harness the power of tides and waves as the world grows increasingly concerned with sustainable energy sources.