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The Sex Robot is Coming, Not from Japan

It's funny, we always assumed that the first working robo-sex slave prototype would come from fembot-obsessed Japan. Well, that assumption may not be entirely correct: the next revolution in machine romance may very well come from our own shores.

Discovery Channel subsidiary DMAX UK will air a one-off show called My Robot Love tomorrow, on the 17th of November. The program will focus on two American entrepreneurs as they race to build a fully-functional Stepford wife. The two inventors are Douglas Hines, who unveiled his Roxxxy robot at this year's AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, and the mysterious Delosian, who is hard at work imbuing his creation with "realistic" movements.

Both prototypes are nowhere near the walking, talking, lovemaking gynoids that speculative fiction has promised. Roxxxy cannot move independently, while Delosian's robo-lover cannot muster anything more than some stiff hip thrusts. That makes both droids just a smidge of an upgrade from current-market love dolls. Japan may still have its lead after all.

[source: DMAX UK]